Undiscovered Gems – Dandelion Head, Dover Lynn Fox, Claire Brooks, Hevvy Serve

Dandelion Head reinvents the classics on their serene new single Two Hands.  The sweet soulful single has vintage sensibility, embellishing nostalgic jazz adapted chord movements.  The legacies of Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, reinvigorated with an indie sensibility as if My Morning Jacket teamed up with Vulfpeck.  The stuttery palmed picking and roaming bass are elite, constantly scanning and inflecting the melodic range, turning over every harmonious stone to uncover Two Hands melodic wisdom. 

Compositional surprises greet you around every corner, as Two Hands delivers to the finale.  Dandelion Head brings crossover appeal.  The psychedelic tonal quality should please the indie crowd, but the undeniable elite grooves might draw in some jam band off shoots.  Anyone who digs funk, jazz, jam, Steely Dan, is going to dig this.  Catch our drift?

Hear Two Hands now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Dover Lynn Fox is catchy on the infectious new single Power Lines.  A classic heart with indie swagger, Fox has notable writing skills.  The melodic intention is full of inflection and exciting variation.  The songs chordal movements evolve with inventive intent.  The pumping drums propel the song forward, bringing energy to vitalize and invigorate the acoustic framework. 

It could have been a coffeehouse slow burn, but produced in this manner Power Lines is anthemic.  Dover Lynn Fox bring a convincing performance.  Innately talented and able to showcase these melodies with emotion and vigor.  The vibe mends the inventive acoustic pop appeal of Kathleen Edwards with the melodic sensibility of Phoebe Bridgers.  

Hear Power Lines now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Claire Brooks is hypnotic on the vibe heavy new single Oxygen.  The intoxicating groove blends poetically with the song lyrical intention.  Brooks is catchy as she bobs and weaves with percussive cadence.  An elegant blend of chill pop and alternative R&B, it blends the ethos of The Gorillaz and Thundercat.  There’s a funky jazzy underlay in the spirit of DOMi & JD Beck.  Brooks brings attitude and jest, teasing with metaphorical surprise like a psych pop Ween. 

Like Gorillaz, the lyrics appear to address a theme within her work, which may include a sonic landscape overrun with greedy carbon-based lifeforms looking for pleasure and experience.  All is hopefully to be revealed in forthcoming works.  It’s also just a straight groovy vibe with hip shaking appeal.  We can dig it. 

Get some Oxygen now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

We are feeling the project known as Hevvy Serve and their new album Suicide Diner.  The thick release brings 14 inventive cinematic lo fi cuts that showcase the projects eclectic glamour.  The project scans a large genre range.  Though the sonic intention may parade a variety of adaptations, the melodic juice is always catchy and seductive.  Lofi indie post punk could be a good starting point.  Inspiration include Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing, Clinic, and New Order. 

That combination of psych and new wave all inspired by the ethos of punk provides stylistic functionality, but Hevvy Serve ironical serves no one completely.  What it comes to be, is your new favorite experimental art pop project.  Songs like Spectator are high on slacker attitude and swagger.  Moments like Spittin’ On Luvv bring dance punk intellect and youthful desperation.  Collectively it reminds us of underground gem 4:44 in how it parades an array of styles melded by a consistent tonal quality to tie everything together.  The album straight slaps.  

Hevvy Serve is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist


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