Best New Indie – Meltt, Noele Flowers, Laveda, The Underwater Believers

Vancouver alternative psych rock band Meltt delivers on their recent Blossoms.  The groovy rhythm design is its first striking feature.  Jiving against the appregiating synth and passionate vocal, Meltt creates a cinematic blend guaranteed to initiate your imaginative montage.  They grace the stylistic impact of Tame Impala with a more elegant sonic polish in the vein of Lo Moon.  Blossoms is clean and approachable while still heavily featuring a sharp synth.  The composition is dreamy and unfamiliar, derived from Radiohead’s everlasting influence on the indie space and updated with modern appeal.  

With 200k+ mostly listeners Meltt has been catching on.  The four multi-instrumentalists have dropped a string of impressive singles in the past year, Blossoms being the fourth.  Their music hits our melodic sweet spot, and gives these easy vibes a proper groove to transport a crowd to hyperspace.  

Dig into Blossoms now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Noele Flowers caught our attention with her new single Risk It for You.  The contrast of the pumping beat beneath a more tempered instrument and vocal design accentuates her feel good vibe.  On Risk It For You, she tags her influences without hanging around one a reference for too long, constantly adapting her delivery and the songs compositional shifts. This keeps it interesting and intriguing. 

We hear the classic appeal of Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac with a modern treatment known to Kathleen Edwards and Feist.  Like all of them Flowers has elite vocal talent and genuine appeal.  Flowers never over-embellishes, they keep it about the song and hang onto the vibe with seductive charm.  We can dig it. 

Hear Risk It for You now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Laveda – Clean

Laveda adapts on their recent single Clean.  Melancholy with a dark indie feel, it bridges the gap between Phoebe Bridgers and War Paint.  The minimalistic guitar work gives it drama and reverence, also referencing the influence of The XX. 

The singers smooth sweet vocal delivery is tainted with a sense of disdain, vulnerability, and hurt. Collectively this accentuates the songs dark lyrical under layers.  The vibe connects with the slow core emergence, a newfound embrace in openly sad moody music. 

Laveda grabbed us before with the big layered shoegaze textures of their prior releases.  Never derivative, always diversifying their appeal, Clean showcases another layer of their evolving genius.  

Dig into Clean now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Immerse yourself in the emotional wash of I Came To This Later… 

The new release from The Underwater Believers is immersive.  Layers of droning synth blanket the tonal atmosphere as a simple guitar strums above.  The bass drum and hi-hat chart the tempo like guiding place-marks. 

The songs defining feature is the convincing vocal lead.  Both the performance and the production style employed deliver effectively.  Musically we hear evidence of Beach House with the vocal appeal of MBV and The Cure.  Stylistically its somewhere between shoegaze and slow core, with some of the emotional vocal appeal of 80s alternative or even Emo.  We enjoy it immensely. 

The Underwater Believers are currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist


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