Emerging Folk – Sergio Díaz De Rojas, Fore Fader, Beware Wolves, Amy Helm

Peruvian pianist and composer Sergio Díaz De Rojas  caught our attention with his recent single Holding her is where I learned forgiveness.  A collaboration with Lo-Fang, the new single is steeped in expressionism.  Innovative with one foot in the past and one in musics evolution, the organic instrumentation is recorded bright and expressive.  It tickles your senses.  A slight hiss marks its analog roots, lending to the warmth and vitality of the instruments. 

As if Andrew Bird tagged James Blake for a feature, Sergio Díaz De Rojas connects with an intellectual indie movement that aims to reclaim classical music’s influence on contemporary pop.  Every detail of this work illuminates its intention.  The affect is dreamy and cinematic.  You can lose yourself to its neo classical construct or attach to every trembling note by the singer.  Elite romance in the age of plastic, the artist reminds us to plug in to our feelings as the moment is always fleeting.  Created as a reflection on love experienced in a lifetime as well as the release and gratitude that comes with it; Lo-Fang and Sergio Díaz De Rojas are masterful. 

Hear Holding her is where I learned forgiveness now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

We were drawn in to the hypnotic appeal of The Rains, the new release of Fore Fader.  The immersive atmospheric arrangement suits the artist entrancing vocal style.  Sultry and derived from an influence of R&B, we hear similarities to the works of Rhye, but with more soft synths to illuminate the spiritual vibes. 

Fore Fader washes over you like an existential awakening.  These reflective vibes refresh like a revelation.  With influences ranging from Polica to Bjork, the project embraces an ethos of innovation.  Unconventional but instinctually melodic, we find them undeniable.  Fore Fader has wide appeal.  The Rains is particularly vibe drenched.  With brushed drums it could connect to the indie folk scene in the vein of Fleet Foxes or early Bon Iver, but the vibe just scans the spectrum of indie and has widespread appeal.  

The Rains is currently featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Our infatuation with the elusive songwriter known as Beware Wolves prevails, as we wait patiently for the songwriter to drop another collection of songs.  The Northeast cult icon has recently relocated to Austin, a bedrock area for eclectic indie offerings.  Hopefully the relocation benefits his exposure, and provides more opportunities to perform his works in concert.  

If you’re not familiar with our love for this project, jump into our comprehensive review of his catalog:  The Saga of Beware Wolves – New Underground Icon

His stylistic range and writing prowess is extensive.  We’re drawn to moments like Back To You, a classic Americana tinged reflection in the vein of Jackson Browne with the guitar explorations of Nick Drake.  

Mostly sparse arrangements, Beware Wolves embellishes on moments like Something Worthwhile.  There’s evidence of 60s pop, with melodic clues linked to Simon and Garfunkel.  The vibe is updated with an indie sensibility similar to Houndmouth or Hiss Golden Messenger. 

He can be spiritual like on the expressive Around & Down, capturing the rare innate emotion known to artists like Traci Chapman.  Beware Wolves has an expressive vibrato and dynamic delivery that accentuates his collective works. 

Still flying way too far under the radar, we know there’s a bigger audience out there ready.  Just need to press play. 

Beware Wolves is currently featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Amy Helm might stand out as the daughter of legendary drummer and songwriter Levon Helm.  She’s also a great performer in her own right, and lends her talents to a cover of Eric Andersen’s signature Blue River.  The track is featured on a new tribute that celebrates the songwriter.  Andersen wrote Blue River after visiting The Band’s bass legend Danko in the Hudson Valley.  The song has heavy The Band vibes, pulling from the Americana songbook and adapting it in the spirit of Classic Rock.  It’s the same sauce that fueled the works of Jackson Browne and Gram Parson’s.  Amy. Helm nails the sentiment, with a proper revisit that captures the sound of that time.  It’s only fitting, as she was raised by one of its champions.  

Dig into the whole Eric Andersen tribute with the release of Tribute to a Song Poet, and hear Amy Helm’s version of Blue River now on our Emerging Folk Playlist


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