Best New Rock – Forty Feet Tall, the moss, Superswell, Mary Middlefield

Forty Feet Tall are quite aware that We Can’t Go Back To Normal.  The title track of their new single, they deliver this message with attitude and passion.  The result is inspiring, pulling you in with its furious tempo and emphatic vocal presence.  The lyrics deliver too, instantly attaching like a proper hit.  For us this receives like a heavier, angrier Parquet Courts.  It tags the history of At The Drive In as well as the clever guitar compositions known to the Strokes. 

The full band arrangement adds to the drama and enhances the presentations lively feel.  We’d love to stumble upon this band live and participate in the debauchery their music likely incites.  After the last couple years, we need some properly pissed tributes.  Forty Feet Tall delivers. 

Dig into We Can’t Go Back To Normal now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  

the moss are wondrous on their recent Blink.  The slow burn intro is just a setup for the songs signature melodic uptick.  The hooks melody is righteous and does its job convincingly.  You simply want more of its catchy lift.  It accentuates the singers best features and has subtle nostalgic flair.  We hear evidence of early rock first Radiohead or Arctic Monkeys with an indie sensibility known to Delta Spirit and Dawes. 

Blink is a proper rock song that emphasizes compositional creativity can still be drawn from the style in its classic form. A tight band, the group displays vintage charm on the cheeky accompanying video.  Blink reminds you to be true to yourself, that’s what shines through.  

Dig into Blink now on our Best New Rock Playlist

Superswell are classic catchy on their recent I Don’t Believe It’s True.  The upbeat tempo design equally graces the legacies of 80s alternative and turn of the century pop punk.  Its updated with a dynamic indie guitar arrangement with subtle Brit appeal in the vein of Arctic Monkeys. With an expressive, passionate vocal, Superswell are anthemic. 

A full band offering, the group pens an impressive arrangement with clever syncopation and surprise to keep an unfamiliar listener.  An attribute that accentuates their LIVE appeal, it’s won them praise in New York’s college circuit, as the band pays their dues with gigs in and around the Big Apple.  Pushing into the DIY machine, they’re part of a growing underground house show scene that’s generating some of the best indie acts in emergence.  Superswell is just scratching the surface, and if the new single is an indication of whats to come, the future looks bright. 

Dig into I Don’t Believe It’s True now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  

Mary Middlefield evolves on the emphatic new single This One’s For You.  The new single pops with a rock under layer unheard in her prior work.  Middlefield has hidden away a sneaky fury. This Ones For You is the kind of single meant to invigorate a live show.  Stylistically it connects with recent works by Julien Baker and Faye Webster.  We also hear some compositional clues that suggest the influence of Clarity era Jimmy Eat World.  

Middlefield is a clever songwriter with elite vocal skills.  Her style is very much in line with indie’s recent trademark sound.  This One’s For You features tasty guitar work and a big sonic explosion in the solo section.  With dramatic progressive appeal Middlefield shows she’s got room to run. One of our favorite recent discoveries, we see big things on the horizon.  

Hear This One’s For You now on our Best New Rock Playlist


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