Retro Pop Revival – Bending Grid, Twin Ritual, Jay Roecker, The Blue Book Project

Ride the wave!  It was just a matter of time before producers and songwriters gave in to their 80s pop obsessions, reimagining that decade with new introspective works that aim to recreate the aura of that cherished period.  The movement led to a flurry of subgenres, all aiming to narrow their stylistic scope and inspired intention.  South Carolina artist Bending Grid has a new EP Marionette that serves as a kind of musical essay regarding how these genre tributes have evolved. 

They’ve presented their song in three dominant styles; Retrowave, Synthwave, and Darkwave.  With each version they display an understanding of the nuances and sonic details that trademark these movements.  The list of similar artists in the press release reveal that they are surely experts on the subject, dropping rare underground gems like Bunny X among founders Foret De Vin and Gunship.  Considering we identify our expertise in the movement similarly, we admire their love for all things wave.  Its no wonder that their Marionettes turned out so awesome.  They seriously all slap, and the music video is fab too. 

Bending Grid is currently featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

Twin Ritual has star power and infectious appeal. Both are on full display in the video for their new single Allie.  Mostly featuring the bands eccentric lead singer in all of her florescent glory, the band embraces their leads magnetic persona.  Her energy is as exciting as her vocal skills, which are rare and impressive. 

A solid synth pop song in any forum the retro appeal should please fans of synthwave and retrowave.  The San Diego based project has shared festival bills with notables such as MGMT and Phantogram.  Their eclectic electric intention fits in well with those powerhouse Indies.  We also hear similarities to Ladtyron. We can dig it. 

Enjoy Allie now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist. 

Jay Roecker caught our attention with his new single Pour On Me.  The first striking detail is the artists assertive vocal delivery.  Full of confidence and conviction it has the strength to break through this dense electro design.  Out of the intro the drop delivers.  With progressive appeal the artist utilizes the drop several times throughout, adding a new aesthetic into the classic feel felt in the writing. 

Stylistically Pour On Me bridges the gap between the classic retro pop of Depeche Mode and modern EDM.  That appeal could connect him to evolving synthwave producers like DJ Ten who aim to push the movement into a more electronic direction.  Roecker respectfully dips between the two worlds, honoring both legacies impressively.  

Hear Pour On Me now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

The Blue Book Project continues their synthwave explorations on their new EP Implanted Memories.  A proper retro throwback, they capture the sound of our favorite decade effectively.  It’s heard in the bright shimmering synth choices and in the vocal arrangements from the projects impressive female lead.  

There are cinematic montage induced moments too, like on Space Brain.  Collectively it honors synthwaves founding, meant to emulate 80s pop directly and intentionally.  In that way it should please fans of founders like Sebastian Gampl, The G, and Sunglasses Kid.  

Beyond the nostalgic intention the project also offers significant lyrical value.  The artist offers that “The lyrics also contain the artist’s personal reflections on his own era and the negative effects of living a life too “virtual”.’  A powerful sentiment in these overly virtual times, it gives Implanted Memories additional reverence.

The Blue Book Project is featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist


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