Emerging Indie Starlets – Ella Rosa, Faerie, ellakate, Holly Lovelady

Ella Rosa shines on her new single Ruin My Lyf.  The single is included on her new EP anxious attachment style. Her seductive vocal is succulent. The performance accentuates her rare hypnotic mysterious delivery.  She flaunts impressive control over her range and emotional affect. It’s a mix of alternative R&B and urban underground, percussively pumping above the beats breakbeat fury. 

The arrangement on Ruin My Lyf suggests an influence of club and EDM music, and recalls the crossover appeal of Jayda G.  It’s elegant and minimalistic, with the beat and a soft action synth being its primary foundation.  Subtle sonic treats are added to enhance its colorful intention.  It’s all just window dressing around the majesty that is Ella Rosa.  She, alone, is worth the cost of admission.  

Hear Ruin My Lyf now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Faerie is a force.  The “fluttering indie-pop manifestations of Christine Lam’s daydreams and fantasies” have proven to be prolific and fruitful.  Every offering that comes across our desk pulls us deeper in appreciation of this emerging buzz artist.  The overall execution of her recent champagne tears is appropriately intoxicating.  

champagne tears has a classic horn arrangement that pulls the Tijuana Brass into this indie pop sonic novella.  “How do I say I miss you…” she laments.  The horns follow her like a mourning procession, as if she’s the only sad girl in a festive town full of celebration.  The arrangement offers elegant contrast to the melancholy arrangement.  Faerie’s convincing vocal performance is its finest striking detail, giving the overall presentation a cinematic appeal.  The musical procession evolves like a nostalgic memory.  Collectively charming, it connects with the works of Harry Styles and Clairo with the classic indie appeal of Feist.  We enjoy it immensely.  

Dig into champagne tears now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

Ellakate is assertive on her new single It’s Not My Fault.  This snarky pompous single is immediately catchy, with innovative production that navigates the studio effectively.  The musics progressive appeal gives it theatrical flair.  ellakate is presented front and center, clear and dominant much like the representation of her lyrics. 

It’s Not My Fault is an anthem for empowerment and individualism.  It pushes against perils of gaslighting and manipulation.  The vibe straight slaps but the lyrics give it reverence.  ellakate was smart to dress it in big aggressive drops.  She mirrors the influence of Billie Eilish while also connecting to the powerful pop of Pink.  Just her third release, we see star potential.  

Dig into to It’s Not My Fault now on our Best New Indie Playlist.

Holly Lovelady caught our attention with her single Oreanne.  This infectious release highlights the artists sultry vibrato and exquisite control.  The signature hook entraps you.  Like a hypnotic siren Oreanne is entrancing.  She offers dark ethereal pop with dreamy atmosphere and a sizzling tempo palette.  The affect is haunting, recalling the legacies of Kate Bush and Sinead O’Connor with an indie sensibility akin to Florence Welch.  Like them, Lovelady is rare and exotic.  She graces the history of contemporary songwriting with dreamy intention, even tagging memories of Enya in the process.  

Hear Oreanne now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


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