Alt Country Jams – Shannon Clark & The Sugar, Mike Stinson & Johnny Irion

Shannon Clark and The Sugar guide you down the backroads of The Mountain.  Their new single has the underground dirty country allure of underground Nashville.  It exemplifies the sound of local dives unknown to unwanted travelers.  A sound for the down and dirty, in contempt of the commercial country machine and ready to reclaim Country’s outlaw roots.  Like Tyler Childers it brings mainstream potential in its undeniable catchy appeal and pure founding.  We just want something real in this world, with a little rust and Southern Comfort.  

The Mountain is featured on our Emerging Folk and Indie Country Playlist.  

Mike Stinson and Johnny Irion pen a proper tribute to Ponderosa Pine.  This passionate alt country jam is vintage indie country.  It recalls the legacies of Whiskeytown and Uncle Tupelo.  Stinson and Irion display an appreciation for classic country with the alternative punk vigor of The Replacements.  That sound also connects with indie breakouts like The Hold Steady and Band of Horses.  It’s meant to be played loud, gritty, and under the influence.  We can dig it. 

Enjoy Ponderosa Pine now on our Emerging Folk and Indie Country Playlist.  


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