Emerging Indie Songstress – Aisha Badru, Katie Boeck, La Faute, Alex Winston

Sound and vision harmonize on Lazy River, the new single and music video from Aisha Badru.  The interpretive modern dance is captivating.  The artists movements are impactful, strikingly beautiful. 

Aisha Badru appears connected to an ancient fabric, and an understanding of the universe and its vast swaths of nothingness.  As if this dance celebrates the serenity of being here and now, connected to the divinity that is Mother Earth in all her vitality and scientific wisdom.  Her body, more than a vessel for routine formalities.  She expresses proficiently, bring multi-dimensional genius.  The song itself is elegant and beautiful.  “Time moves like a River, but things still get old.  The scar is getting thinner, but underneath it grows.”

Hear Lazy River now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.

Katie Boeck is smooth on her recent Over Again.  Soulful with swagger and vintage attitude, Over Again is groovy.  Boeck’s vocal dynamics use inflections to create a percussive cadence, adding emotional accents that accentuate the groovy appeal. 

Her instinctual vocal talent allows her to lean into the feeling, gracing the legacies of Traci Chapman and Stevie Wonder, Boeck has soul.  She brings a natural delivery and melodic prowess thats vintage.  Katie Boeck is a rare classic, pulling you onto the dance floor with an unassumingly easy design and genuine arrangement.  We wouldn’t do it different even if we could do it over again

Dig Over Again now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Art school dropout La Faute caught our attention with her new single Blue Girl Nice Day.  The frozen heart of Canada should produce such captivating works.  Where the plight for survival is always fleeting, La Faute conjures these hypnotic haunting works. She spares no intention with her art.  Initially brooding, Blue Girl Nice Day presents as a somber reflection. With progressive appeal she swings from moody to groovy in the songs closing section, before pulling it back just as swiftly.  That tease only left us wanting so much more, it’s almost enraging.  That cinematic detail only inflates her potential.  We hear evidence of fellow countrywoman Feist with the art first appeal of Mitski.  

Hear Blue Girl Nice Day now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Well travelled covers are daunting, challenging tasks.  We first came upon Magnetic Fields iconic The Book of Love when we were asked to perform the Peter Gabriel version at a friends wedding.  We had our own way of doing it, Alex Winston does it better.  Their version might be our favorite, adding an indie sensibility in the atmospheric production. 

Its most striking detail is the artists impressive vibrato, which they control effectively.  Winston has been dropping covers for the better part of two years.  They include re-imagining tunes by Mac Demarco and who-woulda-thought Joe Exotic (lol).  We can dig it.  Her musical journey is exciting and notable, The Book of Love might be the moment to put her on your map. 

Dig into Alex Wintons’ version of The Book of Love now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  


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