Women of Trip Hop – Wax Tailor ft Jennifer Charles, Auxr ft Stina Agustsdottir, AINIE, Starfire Muse

A pair of icons team up for an impressive display of sound and vision.  Wax Tailor features Jennifer Charles on the new single Shaman In You.  The single is featured on the new album from Wax Tailor, Fishing for Accidents.  This vibe heavy masterpiece is haunting.  Jennifer Charles is dynamic, drawing from a theatrical vibrato or utilizing her emotive hush vocal to accentuate the tracks nightmarish appeal.  The superbly choreographed video displays her star potential.  This video is simply A+. Whether it be cinematography, setting, or costumery – Everything is executed to perfection.

Wax Tailor is already well known and often featured alongside producers RJD2 and Cut Chemist.  They recall the movements classic aesthetic, adding an indie sensibility to that original sound.  Jennifer Charles was notably featured on underground hit Lovage: Music to make love to your Old Lady By.  The Cult hit has been embraced by the Trip Hop movement.  Wax Tailor knows his underground, also including notables Kuf Knotz and Victoria Bigelow.  These are truly exciting collaborations from one of the scenes best.  Don’t Sleep. 

Start with Shaman In You now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist.  

AUXR is classic on their recent Plastic Love. Featuring the impressive vocal skills of Stina Augstsdottir, Plasic Love is vintage cool.  It recalls Trip Hops infectious origins, where groovy DJ aesthetic backbeats collide with Jazz infused instrumentation.  Stina’s sultry delivery is magnified by the exotic poetry and spoken word revelations.  She is assertive and direct.  Empowered and embracing her animalistic sexual energy, she leaves little to the imagination.  Like when she quips, “You ask me why I do the things I do.  I do it for fun

Stylistically we hear the rhythmic appeal of Thievery Corporation with the underground urban attitude of Moloko.  15 years in the International DJ scene shows, AUXR is a master of intention.  Collaborating with Stina may be his finest moment.  The composition feels made for her.  With attitude and conviction she is admirably believable.  “Remember when you used to call me like, all the time.  It’s not that I don’t like talking to you.  You’re just so sentimental, when I just want to…” – Ah you know what it is.  You’ll have to hear for yourself.

Get into Plastic Love now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist.  

AINIE – Hunger

AINIE shows elite dark seduction on her recent Hunger.  The dramatic bass heavy design and tribal rhythmic tempo design are ideal backdrops for her ethereal shapeshifting vocal design.  Atmospheric chants swirl like a sirens mantra as the artist percussively plots her lyrics.  Demonic stacked layers add to the goth electro appeal. 

Intoxicating in its own right, the music video illuminates the erotic appeal.  The cinematic realism accentuates her devilish intentions.  A horrific display should warn you away, but ironically only enhances your desire.  It’s her mystery and the satisfaction she gets from this vulgar assault that leaves you mesmerized and wanting to know more, to be close to her, to be her next victim.  

Hunger is currently featured on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist

Starfire Muse caught our attention with their new release Shadow Bonnie Lullaby. A tinkering melody crawls beneath a breakbeat design.  The affect is dark, but charming and playful.  That contrast is part of its trademark appeal.  The vocal design reflects that sentiment, as the rustic broken delivery and urban accent illuminate this exotic gypsy lullaby.  Altogether its expressive and cinematic.  Starfire Muse is rare and intriguing, drawing you to gaze in wonder before enrapturing you with mythical prowess.  

A celestial shamaness straight outta Pleiades; Starfire Muse a.k.a. Joie Rainbeau represents all things sacred universal. Producer, poet, lyricist, vocalist, rapper, composer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and certified sound alchemist – Starfire Muse brings a deep resonance to all that encounter her works, capturing hearts globally with divine feminine energy. Incorporating world music into digital beat productions.

Enjoy Shadow Bonnie Lullaby now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist.  


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