Retro Pop Revival – Luke Targett, Major Kami, Mensa Deathsquad

Luke Targett is instantly catchy on his recent single Fall for U.  Modern pop with retro appeal, Targett adds a nostalgic aesthetic to match Pop’s new infectious adaptation.  The crisp bright production brings the aura of 80s pop into the new age..  The beat is aggressive and assertive, adding energy and a youthful presence.  Targett matches that sentiment with an emotionally draining performance. 

He navigates his range effectively.  With dramatic intention his performance builds from patient swooner to swells of passionate expression.  The soft synths and bright leads that paint the melodic atmosphere display an undeniable appreciation for 80s pop.  With mainstream appeal this is how Charlie Puth might blend into recent works by The Weeknd.  Staying true to the underground but bringing mainstream potential, he could also draw similarities to synthwave greats FM-84 and The Midnight.  

Dig into Fall for U now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

Major Kami teams with Trip Hop icon Sarah Jay Hawley for their new EP Wild Bo…  Hawley rose to icon status through a string of features with innovators Massive Attack.  The collaboration with Major Kami illuminates Hawley’s entrancing appeal beneath rare retro soundscapes.  Major Kami brings an innovative production palette with intriguing samples that showcase an experimental aesthetic.  A sonic innovator and elite vocalist in their own right, Major Kami pushes pop into the future with retro flair.  That catchy but experimental reverence could draw similarities to the works of Kate Bush, adapted with the notable influence of the EP’s focus, David Bowie. 

It’s fitting then that Major Kami and Sarah Jay Hawley were brought together over their love for the The Thin White Duke, David BowieDenis Expert, producer of DAMde8 – a French artist collective – brought the two artists together to celebrate Bowie with the collaboration of Wild Bo.  The EP also includes a reinterpretations of Modern Love as well as an original Major Kami composition, Smuggle in the Streets.  The instrumentals of the 3 songs are also included on the release.

The entire release is magical.  Dig into Wild Bo… now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

Mensa Deathsquad is anthemic on their recent Love That For You.  An impressive arrangement, it says a lot with less.  The minimalistic design reigns in contrast to the layered works known to this style.  An effective sub bass pumps beneath the drums as sparse production accentuates the drama.  A convincing vocal asserts itself, plotting this tribute with percussive cadence.  The dark tonal structure presents in contrast to the compositions melodic palette. 

This dark electro praise song is one of a kind.  It has nostalgic presence with a vocal that recalls the legacies of INXS or The Cult, updated with an electronic polish known to modern dark electro wave acts like Carpenter Brut.  This is a good song in any light, produced in this style it offers mainstream potential to a scene known to the underground. 

Hear Love That For You now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  


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