Vibes Royale – Echo Huang, sunstoney, Onbar

Looking for them Vibes? We got you. These releases are Vibe Certified

Echo Huang is captivating on –The End

The new four song EP combines 3 previously releases singles with the capstone title track.  A chill pop vibe intersects with an influence of alternative R&B on entrancing moments like Sad 22.  The artist’s voice is intoxicating, entrapping you with a hypnotic affect and sleepy seduction.  Stylistically eclectic, shades of experimental folk in the vein of Clairo shine through on Happier Without Me.  The vibe stills trends pop, but with dreamy Lana Del Rey style production that gives it cinematic appeal. 

The artist leans heavier into her R&B inspiration on the revelatory Omw to forget you.  An empowering anthem, the artist flexes her impressive range and emotional delivery.  The innuendo erupts on The End.  Opening hushes reveal devilish intentions.  The assumed girl-next-door comes into age with sultry delight.  Slightly nostalgic with some retro flair, The End is just the beginning for this breakout buzz worthy star. 

Echo Huang is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


sunstoney shines on their recent single RIDE.  The traditionally alternative R&B vocal smoke show transcends into psych pop worlds with emphatic conviction.  Every passionate vocal line drips with iconic class and rare delivery.  This innovative, dynamic composition flexes a bounty of influence.  Electro pop with retro appeal and vintage style, the vocal melody and design recalls 70s soul.  Updated with cosmic sonic flash, sunstoney spares no intention. 

Every detail of this release is exhilarating, showing an attention to detail and academic versatility.  In that manner it recalls recent experimental innovators Louis Cole as well as Domi and JD Beck.  Like them, sunstoney pushes Jazz into the new age. Whereas the aforementioned acts inject a sense of jest, sunstoney is straight spiritual soul.  That trademark sets her apart, connecting her with acts like Little Dragon and Mr Twin Sister.  We also hear the alternative R&B appeal of Sza and the DJ pop appeal of Jayda G. We are for it. 

sunstoney is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist


Onbar is infectious on their recent CHANCE.  Featuring Orion Song in the second verse, CHANCE is groovy catchy with a moody design guaranteed to get you in the spirit.  The lyrics have a candid down to earth appeal.  That raw genuine poetry hits real.  “I think I want to fall in love with you if that’s cool.”  Those kind of relatable sentiments are drizzled throughout.  

Indie pop with a heavy influence of alternative R&B, it marries the aesthetic of Frank Ocean and Bruno Mars.  The effective background vocals have nostalgic elegance, gracing the glory days of vocal groups.  There’s melodic evidence that suggests a influence of classic soul and Motown, you can even trace some of the melodic inclinations to Stevie Wonder.  

The tracks signature detail lies in the impressive performance from both Onbar and Orion Song.  Together they display proficient skills.  Pop kids with R&B attitude, we can dig it. 

Jump on CHANCE now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


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