Best New Indie – Anna Rose, Guy Blue, Pet Snake, Rogue Jones

We got lost in the ethereal appeal of Whatever Gets You Through The Night, the new single from Anna Rose.  An elegant dreamy sound design recalls the legacy of 90s pseudo-pop songwriters like Suzanne Vega and how they influenced our modern indie sound.  We also hear an influence of Feist as Rose is imaginative and innovative in her intention. 

What’s most striking is her haunting vocal and the exquisite control with which she commands these melodies.  The affect is natural and adds to the compositions meaningful presentation.  Undeniably seductive, Rose is modest and careful not to over emphasize that sensibility.  It’s a reflection of her class and omnipresent scope.  Don’t box this star in, she’s more than meets the lazy eye. 

Anna Rose is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist

Guy Blue knows there’s No Other Life (Without You).  The title and concept of their new single, this reflective gem gets right to the heart of things.  Elegant and brilliant, everything is in its right place on this spiritual chill pop hit.  Guy Blue could draw comparisons to Phosphorescent or even the National.  They bless their bassy vocals with a melodic prowess and eclectic electro production palette. 

A gorgeous song in any format, presented in this manner it’s like stepping in to a melancholy neon church where everything’s electric and the narrative reflects a reconnection with our ancient selves.  I’m not crying you’re crying.  Let’s get back to what’s real and slow dance beneath 3D cosmic starlight.  

Guy Blue is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.

Already high on our radar due to their work with Clean Cut Kid, Evelyn Halls drops some solo charm on their recent Coffee.  Performing under the name Pet Snake, its clear birds of a feather flock together.  There’s something in the water and these kids have private access to this elusive fountain. 

Coffee is gorgeous.  Every detail is magnificent.  It starts with these glorious tones.  If you’re a tone snob, have no fear.  These gritty textured guitars will titillate.  Evelyn’s effective vocals are the final nail.  She leans into the emotion of the moment.  We hear the legacy of Feist with the art pop appeal of Mitski and the mainstream flair of Phoebe Bridgers.  Boy Genius should take her on tour.  There we said it. 

Coffee is on the Best New Indie Playlist and it’s absolutely delicious no sugar added. 

Rogue Jones are pushing boundaries in pop.  They bridge the gap between two polar mediums.  It’s an investigation of contemporary musics limits and the recovery of its aesthetic in pop.  Stylistically Rogue Jones could connect with works by Beirut and Andrew Bird.  Their arrangements are cinematic. Injecting emotion and drama in the spirit of the orchestration that inspires them.  They’re art, a function of experience and reality.  That fueled the inspiration for their new release 1,2,3 / Flachlwach Bach

The theme of maternal love has never been presented with such epic appeal.  Rogue Jones represents its magnitude effectively.  The emphasis of trumpet adds conceptual flair, like the spiritual epiphany that parenthood brings.  The tempo builds in tandem with the realization of the weight this experience brings.  In their words, “trying to articulate and comprehend the outpouring of love felt for a child and the hugeness of childbirth; the challenge, escalation, triumph, glory and the raw vulnerability of it all.”  

Rogue Jones is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.


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