Featuring Karen O…

Who had Karen O for 2nd phase icon?  You may have overlooked her genius out of spite for the elite hipsters who adopted her, but Karen O is no happy accident.  She also knows no bounds, expanding her artistic reach with every release and unassuming collab.  

Karen O continues to push boundaries and evolve her artist legacy.  The recent collaboration with Adanowsky honors the sentiment.  When The Angel Comes is an intoxicating jam with vintage swagger.  The percussive cadence accentuates the melodies catchy inflections.  The dreamy atmosphere twists haunting in contrast to the tempos jiving pump.  That contrast is delivered in full with the companion music video.  Adanowsky is in fact none other than Adan Jadarowsky.  He Directed this video and art saga himself, it’s both bizarrae and cinematically beautifully.  Featuring dramatic lighting and impressive performance by all involved, it’s an instant classic.  

Karen O is smart to kick it with the Jadarowsky crew.  This is the true aesthetic fabric where her art exists, and how it should be discussed.  Whereas she deserves an elite status, like Bowie, her grace is rubbing elbows with mainstream industry stars.  She is humble and charming but assertive in her endeavors.  She is a Queen. 

The Karen O appreciation continues with this remix of Maps by Dance Yourself Clean.  The Yeah Yeah Yeahs breakthrough hit is given a modern electro dance pop update that does not disappoint.  On the outset you might assume they shouldn’t have but when the drip drops you can’t deny its infectious nature.  We think it’s fantastic.  


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