Music Videos We Love – B. Miles, Wax Tailor, Proteins of Magic, Slow Coda

B. Miles is infectious on her recent single The Year I Felt Cool.  An intoxicating groove with indie pop appeal and alt R&B influence, it casts a broad range of interest and could expand her fanbase.  The aesthetic matches her dynamic voice, full of attitude and sultry flavor, she dictates these vibes effectively.  The companion video matches her intellect.  The fluid modern dance choreography is exciting and boosted with conceptual flash by the videos existential undertones.  Our experience is what you make it after all, it’s better to flow through life then move like a gear on a machine.  

B.Miles – The Year I Felt Cool

The abstract choreography is fresh and fun whereas this dance style can sometimes transmit awkward.  Dancer Matt Johnson remains within the feelings and the fabric of the song.  Hats off for choreographers Paul McHill and Director Evan Daves.  The tight team is full force awesome.  Somewhere between Jayda G and Moby, The Year I Felt Cool belongs on the dance floor but also feels just right to serenade you beneath a starry night. 

Wax Tailor – Craftsman

Emerging icon Wax Tailor teams with Director Mathieu Le Proux for his new video Craftsman.  The gorgeous animation chronicles his process.  The attention to detail and artistic flair illuminate the musics intent as well as offering an additional visual aesthetic.  Craftsman is a trademark trip hop groovy delight, adding this video adds a new interesting element to his arsenal.  A chance to get film fest credo in multiple categories, most notably, animation.  The video competes with the best in the field.  Do not sleep on this, it is absolutely sick. 

Proteins of Magic – DIVINE PHYSICS

Proteins of Magic caught our attention with their new release Divine Physics.  The artists rare intriguing delivery is striking and captivating.  Paired with the dramatic performance and design of the companion video, Divine Physics is notable high art.  Hauntingly beautiful with gothic undertones and dark compositional swings.  Her brooding bellow brews in contrast to pops soprano obsessions.  She manages it effectively, finding the medium between Sinead O Connor and Marianne Faithful but with a dark wave twist and some Annie Lennox influence.  It’s fair to place her next to acts like The Knife or Nick Cave.  The video does her art justice.  Take it all in!

SLOW CODA – Mall Waker

Step into a Retro Time Machine in the music video for Mall Walker the new single from SLOW CODA.  The song is reminiscent of proto punks The Cars with an indie sensibility known to Ra Ra Riot.  A solid jam in its own right, it hits proper when blasting beneath this fun pop art nostalgia.  Revisit an 80s mall full court with Honey I Shrunk the Kids enthusiasm.  The attention to detail is impressive and ironically delicious. 


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