Women of Trip Hop – Xeven, At Mos, DUOTONE

Xeven teams with Amii Dawes for an intriguing update to their song Neck Verse.Vol. 2

The composition features a narrative recalling the homonymous medieval clerical practice in which one who is guilty of crime can save their neck by reading the fifty-first Psalm of the Bible.  Ammi Dawes adds a smoky hush delivery with seductive presence.  Her passionate second level breaks through in the chorus, where her percussive cadence adds catchy appeal. 

Stylistically it bridges the gap between The XX and FKA Twigs.  It has dark trip hop swagger in the downtempo groove.  The electro design gives it crossover indie pop potential.  Regardless of how you receive it, you can’t deny its catchy appeal and commercial potential. 

Neck Verse Vol. 2 has all the makings of a smash hit.  

Hear it now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist.

At Mos are in touch with an instinctual ancient fabric.  That sentiment is illuminated on the companion video for their new single The Sea Calls Her Home.  Featuring the artists dancing fluidly beachside, their flair for modern dance matches their affinity for haunting intoxicating arrangements. 

The singers siren delivery brings commercial potential, while the production and tempo design accentuate the underground influence.  The bridge section accents their experimental scope of inspiration, defying convention and delving into realms of psychedelia and world music.  Altogether it resonates with the best in classic trip hop, most specifically the works of Massive Attack and Thievery Corporation.  Flying way too far under the radar, At Mos is a sure thing in the trip hop scene and deserve a bigger audience for works this captivating. 

Hear The Sea Calls Her Home now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist

Canadian export DUOTONE is catching praise in the international trip hop scene.  Their debut album Caving has already been ousted as one of the Best Releases of 2023 by Triphop Nation.  ‘

Eager to embrace iconic influences like Massive Attack and Thievery Corporation, you can hear the legacy of Tricky in the dark beautiful design of their new single Never Hesitated.  It resonates with a growing movement in the scene which includes artists like Amelie Swann where dark sultry seductive vocals illuminate an infectious groove.  They pair that sentiment with an indie sensibility known to Polica or St Vincent, injecting some modern sonic reverence into Trip Hop’s classic feel.  We can dig it. 

Hear Never Hesitated now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist. 


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