Best New Rock – Low Hummer, Mute, Picnic Lightning, Dick Dudley

Low Hummer capture an elusive vibe on their new single Connected.  Post Punk with 90s mallrat fervor, the female lead is like a popular girl outcast here to claim her vengeance off the cheerleaders who banished her.  Armed with post punk backbeat, she brings an infectious attitude to her spoken word narrative.  The bridge vocal adds a melodic update, as the male vocal compliments the design, evolving into an inventive duet. 

Low Hummer bridges the gap between LCD Soundsystem and Human League with the post punk roots of Joy Division, all updated with an indie sensibility that could connect with fans of recent breakouts like Wet Leg.  This is our first taste of this exciting UK export and they are high on our radar.  Say you knew them when. 

Dig into Connected now on our Best New Rock Playlist

Mute break the language barrier with their new single Cambio De Estrategia.  The Spanish export shines with both energy and melodic catch, as the new single offers an infectious chorus.  The furious relentless rhythm design draws you in, and the payoff delivers in the songs trademark chorus section. 

It’s a mix of nostalgia and cinematic intent, as you find a translation that fits the songs prescribed vibe.  The band bridges the styles of indie rock and shoegaze effectively, the guitars are stacked with an immersive depth, while the vocal bring a catchy pop bred appeal.  The single is a sure thing for fans of Delta Spirit, Band of Horses, and Arcade Fire. 

Mute is currently featured on our Best New Rock Playlist.  

Picnic Lightning caught our attention with their new single Simulacra.  The exotic melodic design has eastern inspired under layers.  The gnarly vocal harmonies that creep over the music bear an influence of Alice In Chains.  The dark psychedelic gothic riff that chugs over an expressive percussion performance shows an influence of Tool.  Picnic Lighting evolves those mediums with a psychedelic attention and punk intellect.  In that way it also connects with selections from King Gizzard. 

Experimental, but melodically delicious, Picnic Lightning remains approachable to a large scope of indie rock fans.  The Fort Worth based band describes their sound as Desert Punk.  We hear an additional stoner appeal that combined with the aforementioned assimilation makes for an intriguing combination that we find delightful. 

Hear Simulacara now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  

Dick Dudley is epic on the infectious Train.  The frantic design has conceptual appeal, like a speeding train slowing it seems impossible.  The singer adds to the sentiment with an attitude rich scorned performance bred from a Johnny Rotten upbringing meant to cog the machine. 

The arrangement has some cinematic progressive flex, updating the legacy of post punk with smart indie rock intellect.  An array of cut times collide with tantrums of stop and go design.  Fun and energizing, Train is guaranteed to invigorate an audience eager to cut loose. 

Hear Train now on our Best New Rock Playlist


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