Best New Indie – Xelli Island, Matt Storm, Oliver Flanagan, Paul Bäcklin,

Xelli Island is exotic with their new single The End Of Us.  The innovative composition features melodic surprise, adapting with fresh movements.  They alter a familiar vibe intriguingly.  The music honors the rare exotic presence of their lead vocalist. 

With progressive appeal the drop delivers, adding an immersive layered punch in contrast to the verses minimalist construction.  The progressive shift brings cinematic drama. 

The track delivers to the last moments.  The sonic design recalls recent releases known to indie pop, but with the compositional flair of psych pop.  In that manner Xelli Island could draw comparisons to Little Dragon and Men I Trust.  

Hear The End Of Us now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Matt Storm is rare on his new single what do ya miss?  His raw rusty delivery drips with soulful nostalgia.  He dictates with a chill affect and natural draw.  His voice is rich in the vein of classic crooners like Al Green and Bill Withers, but with a modern indie smoothness known to Frank Ocean and some of the raw unfilitered appeal known to D’angelo. 

It’s fitting that the single was mixed by Grammy winning engineer Ben Kane who also worked with the aforementioned D’angelo.  Kane knows how to embrace Storm’s raw charm, letting it haunt this minimalistic arrangement with vintage warmth. 

Matt Storm is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Oliver Flanagan captures an elusive vibe on their new single Goodbye Everybody.  The artist emulates a vibe known to The Beatles that was also adapted in their solo careers and by the works of ELO and Todd Rundgren.  Besides its compositional cues, its akin to a sonic time and place, a tonal palette and aesthetic within the arrangement. 

The single is just one piece of his new album If You Call My Number.  On the 12 collective works he rebrands that iconic vibe with an indie sensibility which could draw similarities to projects like Dr Dog.  To be fair, Flanagan has his own flow within that canon, and he does it with prolific ease. 

Dig into Goodbye Everybody now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Paul Bäcklin is anthemic on his epic new single Heal.  The driving beat brings classic nostalgia, while the composition shifts elegantly to offer some surprise and anti-pop appeal.  Vocally he bears some similarities to Jose Gonzalez, whereas the song itself has the attitude and urban appeal known to Sam Fender.  We also hear evidence of The War On Drugs and how they’ve adapted this style into the indie rock canon.  

The contrast is intriguing.  It suits the layered arrangement.  The instrumentation and orchestration brings texture and depth.  Strings, sporadic horns, and chiming pianos accentuate its melodic trademarks as blended dirty guitars scale the chords with untamed vigor.  Lyrically for us Heal brings an intense narrative of survivors guilt, one that deserves such a proper musical tribute.  

Hear Heal now on our Best New Indie Playlist.


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