Best New Synthwave – Bel Epoq, Waves_On_Waves, Dream 2 Dream, Edictum,

On just their 3rd release Bel Epoq continues to carve their own space in the world of synthwave.  The new single Mind & Matter erupts with an aggressive sonic fury.  The singers passionate delivery matches the strength of the music’s effective punch.  Sonically gorgeous, Mind & Matter bridges the gap between Florence Welsh and Kate Bush.  Like Welsh their lead singer brings a power and majesty meant to command an arena.  Like Kate Bush the music is smart and melodically intoxicating.  We also hear the production intellect of snythwave elites FM-84, as well as some compositional indie alterations known to nostalgic synth pop breakouts like Future Islands.  

These buzz breakouts are the real deal.  Bel Enoq is currently featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  

Waves_On_Waves is a force.  The multi genre artist has dipped between the worlds of retro and pop with ease.  For us. It’s his retro leaning contributions that we find most intriguing.  Regardless of how they dress their releases, there’s always an undeniable appreciation for our beloved 80s that seeps into their works.  They reiterate that like when they reimagine the iconic Cars classic Drive as a contemporary piano piece.  Presented in this manner, the performance illuminates the songs compositional genius, one that lends itself to any stylistic format.  

That appreciation has grabbed the recognition of the scene and Waves_On_Waves may be stepping into their breakout moment with the emergence of last years release Live Wire On The Sunset Strip.  This impressive compilation finds the artist collaborating with some of the best in the scene, including Timecop1983 on notable stand outs like Dangerous as well as artist VileMoral on the aggressive horror inspired anthem Blackout.  

Waves_On_Waves collective catalog features an impressive collection of collaborations and features.  The artist is truly bringing the scene together.  It’s about community, not commodity.  Plus these jams are fire.  Everything he does is presented with sonic precision and an understanding of what makes retrofuturism so addictive.  Nostalgia finds itself in the present.  Don’t get left out. 

Wave_On_Waves is featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  

Dream 2 Dream caught our attention with two exciting breakout singles.  I Have Hope and Summer Memory are impactful debuts that suggest a scope of influence while leaving room to evolve into new areas.  Their synth pop features a heavy dose of retro influence, and in the spirit of synthwave some modern sonic presence. 

I Have Hope is soulful and emotive with a cinematic outro.  Their lead singer is convincing, with a smoky lush delivery that should connect with synthwave standouts like NINA and Kristine. 

Summer Memory is slightly more upbeat and has a heavier presence of indie pop, but still within a synthwave framework.  In that way it connects with the works of Kacy Hill or Holly Humberstone.  Dream 2 Dream write smart pop songs that lean melancholy in the spirit of classic retro pop.  It’s that nostalgic vibe we just can’t get enough of, and they do it elegantly.  The foursome even presents these works live, an exciting addition to the world of live retrowave. 

Dream 2 Dream is featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

We got wrapped up in the hypnotic design of You Can’t Fool Me, the new single from Edictum.  A sentiment of electronic influence illuminates the opening build, as the producer warps the music into the drop.  The retro inspiration is undeniable, recalling classic electro retro pop works known to Depeche Mode or Pet Shop Boys.  

The calling card is the theatrical lead singer who presents the melody with a robotic like delivery.  That elite stylistic quip mirrors the futuristic aura known to the styles originators.  It honors the music’s innate cosmic potential.  After all, this is the sound of the future. Beneath the sonic gold is a genuine message as the singer sends this out to anyone who’s experienced a toxic work environment.  The song is a proper retrowave anthem for anyone ready to embrace their best self.  Stylistically it connects with synthwave masters like Miami Nights and The Midnight.  

Hear You Can’t Fool Me now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  


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