Emerging Folk – Mirabelle Skipworth, Lily Bauer, Arumbo, Anica

Mirabelle Skipworth is an impressive storyteller. 

She flexes her skills on her recent single The Narrator.  A dreamy underlayer blankets the atmosphere with ambiance. Above the calculated picking accentuates the songs melodic place marks as Mirabelle walks you through this tale of growth and conflict.  “If I were the narrator of my own demise, will other peoples turmoil still be a big surprise.” 

She dresses the poetic jest with a melodic scorn, letting her attitude break through the barriers of acquired pitch.  Gentle horns walk you to the closing of this 5+ minute epic.  It moves quick when you follow the footprints of her voice.  For us, Narrator blends the alt country appeal of Brandi Carlisle with the more abstract nihilistic folk of Bon Iver.  We also hear evidence of Ani DiFranco as Skipworth is unforgiving with her words.  For us, the meaning recalls a complicated mantra.  Life Is Suffering.  With understanding, comes grace.  But to repel that reality, is to amplify the weight of worldly horrors.  

The Narrator is featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Lily Bauer is captivating with her new single I Know Better.  The relentless strum of the music has a building, theatrical drama to it.  It presents the narrative as if it is unfolding like a revelation in real time.  The artist admits that I know better is a song about not trusting your gut feeling and making the wrong decisions out of loneliness. That temporary comfort is so short lived and confusing, and the feeling is universally relatable and presented elegantly here on this haunting single. 

Bauer sings with a concern that makes this moment so believable.  Music lends itself to healing, as it’s hard to admit to yourself when you consciously breaking your own rule set.  That sad girl appeal has a big audience, one that connects with the works of Clairo, Lucy Dacus, and Girlhouse. 

Lily Bauer is a 26 year old Stockholm based artist who started out as a busker playing her own songs in the streets of Sydney and Malmö. That genuine detail gives her charming credibility.  She shares “I’ve been writing about my life for over a decade. It makes me trust that everything has a purpose, both hurtful and blissful moments.”  That sentiment rings true on this gorgeous breakout. 

Hear I Know Better now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

The Spanish tribal folk group Arumbo teams with artist Jairo Palchukan for the chilling single Río Rojo.  Otherworldy, cinematic, and exotic are all fitting descriptions for this innovative project.  It starts with the extended atmospheric intro, one that amplify’s the natural music of a tropical forest.  The contemporary music that follows is simply gorgeous.  The singers expressive inflections display the romanticism of her native tongue, a feature often lost on English speaking songs. 

The progressive abstract design stays true to its intention within an accessible framework.  It’s the universal musical language captured majestically on this magical release.  The sentiment is enhanced by the effective imagery of the cover art, as the group conceptualizes the musics tribal roots.  We simply love it. 

Hear Río Rojo now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Anica caught our attention with the release of her expansive new full length Blue Hour.  The 13 song release shows the prolific songwriters potential as both a songwriter and a vibe heavy producer.  It’s heard from the opening moment with the intoxicating single daylight.  A dreamy soft piano chimes beneath a dynamic guitar as her expressive, lush vocal delivery breaks with emotional vulnerability.  The composition is smart with melodic variation that could draw comparisons to the lighter works of Phoebe Bridgers.  It’s’ just one facet of her sonic reach. 

Anica shows another stylistic intention on the dark eclectic gem that is lay your arms.  An influence of indie rock acts like Arctic Monkeys collides with her instinctual melodic beauty, creating an infectious dark pop vibe that borders on Trip Hop.  Vulnerability turns to an empowered, bitter hush with strength and resistance.  That strength and dominance creates an unassumingly sultry affect, as the vibe transcends from cute to commanding.  That vibe has its own seductive merits, one fit to bring a shoegaze indie folk crowd to its feet. 

These are just two standouts from a collectively intriguing release.  Dig into all of Blue Hour.

Anica is currently featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist. 


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