Trip Hop Discovery – iLLann, Mounika, JAF 34

iLLann caught our attention with the release of her new single Protector.  The 23 year old Canadian violinist has a flare for the eccentric, embracing a dark haunting vibe.  For us her music exemplifies the horror movie Midsommar in song.  There’s an ancient exotic tribal presence with modern infiltration, and obviously a dose of horror that never devolves to scare tactics.  It’s also gorgeous and curiously attractive.  In that way she honors influences like Thom Yorke and Agnes Obel, she blends that with trip hop influences like Portishead. 

iLLann blesses Protector with a downtempo groove for her to navigate with compositional prowess. In concert she adds an element of live looping using her violin and microphone to create an exciting visual show.  We find the project to be collectively intriguing, with Protector being an exciting debut from this new rising star. Keep an eye out for a companion video due out later this year.

Say you heard it first. Dig Protector now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist.  

Mounika. – Nomadics

The spirit of the nomad gets a proper tribute on Nomadics, the new single from Mounika.  This infectious vibe is graced with an inspiring companion video.  In the spirit of trip hop the song blends elements of world music with hip hop beats and flavors of pop in the melody.  The child choir samples also call EDM classics by projects like Justice.  We also hear evidence of Thievery Corporation and Bonobo.  Press Play and fade away, Nomadics is a song to get lost to. 

Hear Nomadics now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist 

JAF 34 – ex[hAle]

Wow that is phenomenal.  That was our initial reaction when we previewed the video made for the JAF 34 remix of Ex[hAle] (feat. Himalayan Dalai Lama).  The vibrant chaotic imagery imagines how we might see the world if we could actually see the cells and micro-organisms in motion.  It’s as if we’ve stepped into a new illuminated dimension.  The video suits the songs inventive progressive design.  Inspired by inventive acts like Massive Attack and Radiohead, the project honors their legacy with an inventive arraignment and mind altering presence. 

Ex[hAle] is featured on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist


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