Best New Indie – Noy Markel, Allie Crow Buckley, Gal Musette, The Future According To Eve,

Noy Markel gave us a face lift with their infectious new jam Sometimes.  The contrast of the chic funky fresh arrangement and smooth indie pop era vocal is intoxicating.  An elite melodic prowess scales the full spectrum, dictating flashes of percussive cadence between doses of melodic heaven.  This is an instant classic for fans of diverse indie pop acts like Clairo, Men I Trust, and Holly Humberstone. For us it also delves into psych pop worlds and alternative R&B.  It casts a wide spectrum in indie, mostly cause it just straight slaps.  Print it.  

Hear Sometimes now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Allie Crow Buckley – Cowboy In London

Allie Crow Buckley returns with an impressive new single Cowboy In London.  We’re just addicted to this seductive dark vibe.  The song is lyrically mischievous, it alludes and teases with playful jest without directly affirming its position.  The arrangement is spaced elegantly, allowing her lullaby delivery to be your main melodic guide.  She bridges the gap between the retro pop flair of Christine and the Queens with the minimalistic vibe of The XX. 

Cowboy In London is just one shade of her stylistic palette.  She has dense, thicker arrangements in her catalog too.  For us, Cowboy In London hits just right, embracing a chill vibe with enough pop to crossover to the dance floor.  Hold your lover close, Cowboy In London might inspire them to run free.  

Hear Cowboy In London now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

Gal Musette makes gorgeous melodic masterpieces that exist between the auras of indie folk and indie pop.  She can be dark and mysterious, or gracefully charm.  That charm is on full display with her new single Moment.  Possibly her most commercial release, Moment is collectively delicious, and will break through with a timeless hook that enwraps you in its melodic glory.  Stylistically Gal Musette would fit in well with the Boy Genius team, Moment also has some contemporary flash in the spirit of Norah Jones.  We find it irresistible.  

Hear Moment now on our Best New Indie Playlist

The Future According to Eve (feat Presh) – Patterns

The Future According to Eve caught our attention with their new single Patterns (feat. presh).  Shoegaze and dream pop both have a stake in this gorgeous blend.  There’s also a dip into 5th wave emo, and a self prescribed appreciation for emo pioneers like Jimmy Eat World.  We also hear elements of the Cranberries and Mazzy Star.  Patterns is just great, timeless songwriting with an updated rock arrangement ready to embrace the glory of echo and stylistic depth.  Don’t skip the video, it’s a great companion to the songs ethereal vibe. 

Hear Patterns now on our Best New Indie Playlist


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