Undiscovered Indie Folk Gems – Braden Lam, néomi, Dan San, Dan Tuffy,

Braden Lam pens a proper tribute to that iconic notion of a second wind.  The intoxicating drop matches his insinctual passionate vocal delivery.  second wind is inspiring, injecting a sense of hope within an indie framework.  Presented to us as a folk piece, we hear the indie pop rock swagger of Sam Fender and Del Water Gap to match the indie folk influence of Damien Rice. 

Lam is full of swagger and conviction, his vocal rings with strength and confidence.  There’s a raw energy to his performance, one that draws you in and never lets you down.  second wind is a damn good song. Don’t sleep.

Hear second wind now on our Emerging Folk Playlist. 

néomi enwrapped us with her new single Oh My Darling.  Her hush smoky delivery is rich with depth and a breadth of life experience.  There’s an undeniable instinctual talent, one that recalls the legacy of classic singer Astrud Gilberto.  We also hear similarities to alt R&B breakthrough Charlotte Day Wilson. 

Oh My Darling is undeniably designed in an indie folk style, but néomi flexes skills that could carry over into both alt R&B and indie pop.  Every affect of her vocal range has rare characteristics that will bring you to your feet.  Most effectively though, she brings an intoxicating upper range that quivers with exotic depth. 

You will feel all of it when she sings “…but don’t get me wrong I fell in love with this man, and I promised him forever…”  She presents that sentiment with a sense of hurt and vulnerability that rings with truth.  “Holding on…” Love is so complicated.  This life, so confusing.  néomi gave us chills. 

Hear Oh My Darling now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Dan San presents a modern troubadour anthem with their new single The Unknown.  There’s a soft fury to this feel good gem.  It tags the vintage 70s with modern indie flavor.  The voices stay within a soft palette, committing to a chill affect.  The composition recalls the writing of Kings of Convenience with a sonic design known to The War On Drugs or Midlake.  We also hear the dreamy exotic appeal of Jose Gonzalez.  The Unknown is an upbeat indie folk jam fit to keep you in the groove.  

Hear The Unknown now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

In case you weren’t sure, Dan Tuffy is fair when he reminds you, Don’t Smoke In Bed.  He presents this modern folk gem with the help of Song Crew.  The lyrics feature more charming insights, all presented with a conceptual grin and cheeky demeanor.  It’s the affect that producers describe as “singing like we can see you smiling.” 

Tuffy presents like a timeless gem, the kind of charming actor you let your girlfriend nestle up to, like an indie folk Santa Claus.  For an instant the vibe turns psychedelic with an intrusive bridge that suggests there’s more than meets the eye.  Maybe so, maybe not.  It’s a smooth ride that recalls vintage classics known to Dylan and Waits. 

Hear Don’t Smoke In Bed now on our Emerging Folk Playlist


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