Best New Indie – Elora, Lyfe Indoors, Leah Rye, Lisa Crawley

Elora settles the score on her recent Embers. This groovy psych inspired jam embellishes her swaggery delivery.  The narrative suits her loose candid flow.  The affect is charming, while the music is occasionally flashy.  The combination is both intriguing and intoxicating.  A notable arrangement deserves such vibrant modern poetry.  We adore this tale of false camaraderie, featuring that relatable sly fene ready to lend an ear for some cheap alteration.  We call them drug buddies.  

Embers is approachable, but intellectually smart songwriting.  Elora bridges the gap between Tame Impala and Remi Wolf, with some of the chill affect known to Biig Piig.  We can dig it. 

Hear Embers now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Lyfe Indoors caught our attention with their new single Binary Crime.  The music is sonically delicious in contrast to the melancholy melodic essence of the song.  That blend is a sentimental detail we just can’t get enough of.  There’s evidence of retro nostalgic influences in the same way that they inspired the works of The XX or James Blake.  Like them there’s nods to new wave while also featuring heavy doses of modern electronica.  It’s an elegant combination of these two eras, adding its own cinematic flair with a curious closing scene meant to steer your psyche into realms of imaginative discovery. It calls you to question what drove this release.  Lose yourself, but not forever. 

Get lost in Binary Crime, now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Leah Rye investigates her origins with an emotional new single Growing Into Me.  The catchy retro pop vibe wades between the worlds of indie pop and electro.  A trademark thumping beat pulls at your heartstrings.  Sonically delicious with cosmic metaphysical flare, it’s intoxicating cinematic pop that delivers with an epic finish.  It’s the kind of drop she can stretch within a live setting, the dramatic pay off guaranteed to bring an audience to their feet.  Stylistically she bridges the gap between the minimalistic electro pop of The XX and the infectious pop of Kacy Hill.

Hear Growing Into Me now on our Best New Indie Playlist

We lost ourselves in the hypnotic vibe of Without You, the new single from Lisa Crawley. Her seductive delivery flows effortlessly, basking in swagger it’s tinged with a smooth chill soul elegance. That affect is seductive, bringing a confident sex appeal fit for the cinematic retro design of the music. The arrangement tags the 60s with an indie sensibility and some psych pop appeal. As if Amy Winehouse collaborated with Khruangbhin.

Without You is melodically intriguing. Crawley is majestic. She gracefully evolves from a lower spoken word range in the vein of a more polished Lana Del Rey to a serene smooth nostalgic Motown era upper register. Our adoration reflects a life’s work in excellence, with several releases and awards to her name, Crawley is more than a flash in the pan. She’s the real thing, worthy of our immediate attention. Her trademark enchanting sound breaks through on this notable retrofuturistic release.

Hear Without You now on our Best New Indie Playlist


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