Best New Synthwave – John Roberts, PantherWolfe, Lunar Suite, Night Far Gone

John Roberts embraces his retro appeal with a B-movie style throwback for the new single Danger.  To say he went all out is an understatement.  There are lots of style points to form a frame of intention.  From the costumes to a light saber vixen to the classic cars, Danger is going to take you back to your favorite decade in the funnest way.  At its core John Roberts himself gives an Oscar performance.  He could make a nice addition to Kung Fury.  We’re thinking underground night club owner turned vigilante accomplice. 

This an’t Johnny’s first rodeo either! John Roberts is a cast member of the EMMY Award-winning “Bob’s Burgers” as matriarch Linda Belcher which landed him first EMMY nod in the category of “Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance”. The dudes a Pro!

Danger is featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist!

PantherWolfe is an institution.  One of the most exciting discoveries to cross our desk over the last few months, the electronic producer is equal parts Synthwave and Cyberpunk.  Their medium is consistently electronic.  The production is proficient, and the output is truly prolific.  They are relentless. But what’s most remarkable is that every release presents crisp with punch and bravado.  PantherWolfe is a master producer.  He’s also a musical visionary, with complicated arrangements that show an academic dynamic lost on most pop projects.  If we were to find out that he is a trained classic keyboardist we would not be surprised.  It is unlikely that he would be able to program the rapid movement in his parts.  

Like the best producers in the wave game PantherWolfe is carving out a sonic world that is truly unique to him.  While songs like Shadow Run and Renegade fit well within our synthwave spectrum, we admire other works which embrace a more electro first vibe.  It is fair to describe his works as sounding like if Daft Punk collaborated with Carpenter Brut.  We don’t make that association lightly, those are two all time icons.  There’s that additional musicianship to his solos, though, that are lost on some notable electro producers.  In that vein, he’s in a league all his own. 

PantherWolfe is featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.

Frat boys would have you believe that they invented partying, but as a modern society we can’t compare to the debauchery laced throughout history.  Even the bourgeois threw down better than your average Joe.  Lunar Suite explores that idea with their new single Jeanie Loves Johnny.  This scandalous baroque soiree featuring mainstream model alumni just looks like a damn good time.  The costumes and camera work keep you in it from start to finish.  The song is an effective retro throwback too, one that bears an influence of Duran Duran with the updated indie appeal of Editors. 

Check out Jeanie Loves Johnny! Now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.

Night Far Gone embraces the nostalgic feeling that sparked the synthwave craze..  It’s heard in the opening moments of their new single A Lover’s Casette.  The sample of a cassette entering a cassette player is simple, but effective.  The jam delivers too.  The trademark sounds carry the vibe while a saxophone and classic guitar solo seal the deal.  

More than just an instrumental project, they bring a proper single with their release Criminal Minds.  The vocal captures the aura of our favorite decade.  Night Far Gone recalls iconic synthwave originators like The G and September 87.  They embrace the association.  This is the New Retro Wave sound of 2015, alive and well in this fun new project. 

Night Far Gone is featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  


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