Emerging Folk – Bad Flamingo, Will Solomon, Birds Are Better, Go By Ocean

“With you I want to do it wrong.”  The naughty spirit of Americana Alt Country duo Bad Flamingo breaks through on their impressive new single Mountain Road.  The lead singers rugged ragged vocal breaks with the wear of a hundred shameless nights.  She manages it well, retaining a melodic feel despite the rust.  Her affect is commanding, as her dominating presence asserts itself convincingly.

Stylistically there’s a touch of Emmy Lou Harris and Lucinda Williams with some of the soul folk appeal of Traci Chapman.  Dressed in Zorro masks there’s a conceptual underlayer, one that suggests an alias to protect against assumption and perhaps to inflate their Americana Outlaw appeal.  The music adds to the allure. 

Hear Mountain Road now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Something beautiful this way comes.  Will Solomon pulled us in to the harmonious textures and dreamy arrangement on Tracks.  His guitar work and the hammer dulcimer contribution from Simon Chrisman compliment eachother elegantly.  Compositionally, Solomon takes the familiar and finds uncharted adaptations.  He uses tempo and meter to dress these chords in new fashion, letting them trail with his voice like an ancient poet, one tied to instinct over contemporary formality. 

His voice is that of a smoky rich Kentucky crooner.  We hear evidence of Ray LaMontagne with the alt country flavor of Jason Isbell. Tracks has mainstream potential and soundtrack appeal, it’s the kind of track that defines this years lifebook.  

Hear Tracks now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Birds Are Better captures a serene nostalgic vibe on their gorgeous new single Seven In The Morning.  It’s fair to make comparisons to classic Simon and Garfunkel works.  Birder Are Better embrace the association, they know they’ve carved out their own space within this sound.  In that way they connect with projects like Darlingside and Kings of Convenience. 

Birds Are Better have their own updated sonic intellect, adding doses of modern productions elegantly.  It adds to the cinematic appeal without risking the songs integrity.  At its essence it’s a gorgeous guitar first duet, it stands strong on its own.  The production lends to its enhanced dreamy aura.  

Lose yourself to Seven In The Morning now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Go By Ocean knows that they Should Have Known.  This suspicious folk pop jam has jangle pop roots.  It marries the bright guitar arrangement of The Byrds with an updated indie appeal.  We hear evidence of My Morning Jacket or Father John Misty.  Go By Ocean presents slightly cleaner that those aforementioned Indies, but the vibe is dead on. 

It’s easy listening with some adaptation and playful variation to present it new.  The Marin County, CA based musical project is led by singer-songwriter Ryan McCaffreyShould Have Known gives shows significant NPR potential, a tight single that would fit in great within the realm of World Cafe. 

Hear Go By Ocean now on our Emerging Folk Playlist


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