Undiscovered Gems – Marlena Dae, Raia Was, full catholic, Feathership

Marlena Dae embraces her delicate storm.  A fluttering synth dances like a cosmic flugelhorn.  It scans the spectrum of the melody like an untamed forest, fighting to break out of the compositions confides, constantly reeled back in by the melodies parameters.  Her voice flows around the riff, as if she’s it’s matriarch, laying lullabies to calm it’s soft fury.  delicate storm conceptualizes the duality of her presence.  It’s heard in the songs dark moody inclinations, at clash with her inherent beauty.  It entrances you before ending abruptly, leaving you hypnotized and confused.  Like a storm, its impact could be long lasting, but it’s gone in an instant.  

Hear delicate storm now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Raia Was knows she’s Tough To Love.  This instantly catchy emotive single is wondrous. It’s elegantly abstract while married to an infectious vibe.  The conjured emotion of her performance immediately translates.  It pulls at your historical realities.  You find yourself in her hurt, you see yourself in the struggle.  Simple yet intriguing, there are illuminating sonic tweaks to color the vibe.  Paired with a convincing video that embraces the simplicity of the song and the raw emotion at the core of its genius, Tough To Love for us is perfect art. Stylistically it fits in well with innovators in art pop like Mitski and FKA Twigs. 

Raia Was is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.

full catholic caught our attention with their new 9 song album “”all is well””.  Featuring diverse arrangements with thoughtful progressive appeal and big doses of catchy melodic glue, full catholic is more than clever songwriting.  It shows on stand outs like dying alone on the earth. The jagged design pumps with progressive thrust.  The payoff comes in the moment that features the songs title, but the irony is that it only leaves you yearning for more calculated chaos, and in response the band delivers.  

Full of savory lyrical moments that add depth and a sense of place, full catholic speaks to an enlightened generation forced to endure more of the same out of pure designed resignation.  We feel that times two on the proper hit that is their infectious healer.  Stylistically we hear an influence of classic proto-punk innovators like The Pretenders and Television with an updated indie flair known to Big Thief or Grizzly Bear.  So basically it’s amazing. Dig into All Is Well. 

full catholic is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist

Feathership pens an anthem with their new single Dream Aloud.  A brooding pipe organ sets an epic backdrop, as cascading drums ring like a war call.  The drama evolves jovial, as Dream Aloud feels like a celebration.  There are tribal exotic traditional details that add cinematic value to what is already a catchy song at its essence.  Wonderfully produced, it recalls the value of Chumbawamba’s Tubthumpin with the pop punk energy of Third Eye Blind and the retro hymnal rock curiosity of Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible.  Dream Aloud is intense and awesome. 

Feathership is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


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