Emerging Folk – Nelleke, MOONRIIVR, Daniel Trakell, The Weather Holds

Nelleke presents her most exotic, mysterious work yet with her new single send the rain.  Dark harmonious folk with intoxicating melodic instincts only scratches the surface of this new innovative underground champion.  Nelleke is simply one of the most exciting creators in the realm of undiscovered, and her spiritual musings are due for a breakout.  send the rain connects with metaphysical dark folksters like Jose Gonzalez and Marissa Nadler. 

Like an early Jose Gonzalez, Nelleke shows in the songs closing section that there’s another layer to her sound, one teasing to expand on her arrangements with a full band.  The minimalistic designs are all about the cinematic deliverance of her works.  Everything is intentional, meant to melt you into the fabric of this moment with its intoxicating melodic opium.  When the song relents, you experience a change within.  You feel the revelation, that you saw something impactful, in your history, or in hers.  That’s the mystic of the being that is Nelleke.  

Hear send the rain now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Sixties style psychedelic folk pop finds authenticity in Blonde Hair Now, the new single from MOONRIIVR.  Like those classic works, it feels instinctually inspired by 50s rock, while finding new inspiration in the sonic works of its time. It loosely recalls the work of The Velvet Underground, Donovon, and even Pink Floyd.  More recently it connects with the works of Devendra Banhart or Timber Timbre.  With a gorgeous analog sheen and tonal warmth, Blonde Hair Now gets under your skin.  

Hear MOONRIIVR now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Daniel Trakell takes spiritual inventory on his new single Folk Song #2.  There’s an abstract detail to the narrative, with the full picture coming into focus when you puzzle it together.  “Expectations high, into something I could never be.”  Trakell feels the pressure closing in.  The song offers him a chance to take it all in stride, show some grace though the crushing weight.  In that way the song provides comfort, perhaps to help guide you through your own spiritual struggles.  Stylistically we hear melodic inclinations that tag the legacies of Paul Simon and Jackson C Frank with an indie folk influence of Fleet Foxes.  

Daniel Trakell is featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

The Weather Holds pen an elusive uplifting gem.  Five Roses has the instinctual charm and genuine feel to present like it was written in the moment.  You can hear the burst of inspiration and the joy that comes with compositional discovery.  It’s practically written in the lyrics, and shows itself throughout, like the flurry of handclaps, candid conversations, or trash picked horn and banjo quips that dress the sonic atmosphere.  It’s produced elegantly, in a way that truly captures the aura of the song.  Stylistically it’s an interesting blend that bridges the gap between Sufjan Stevens, Alex G, and Broken Social Scene.  We can dig it. 

Hear Five Roses now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  


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